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Meeting Arab Christians
In both Lebanon and Syria, there are Christian communities; in Lebanon about 35% of the population is Christian who live in all areas of the country, in Syria the Christians live mostly in the Damascus and Aleppo area: catholics, maronites, Greek Orthodox, etc… We will meet with the different communities in both countries and exchange ideas on how religion is lived in the Orient and Occident, and visit monasteries and churches. We see the differences in life style in both countries and visit the Roman site of Baalbeck, the crusaders castle of Krak des Chevaliers and see the old Cedar trees in the Lebanese mountains. We discover the ancient souks of Tripoli, Damascus and Aleppo and wander through the small alleys and through the different little shops selling olive soap, silver, gold, vegetables,…
Duration13 Days / 12 Nights
ThemeCulture & encounters
Group6 - 14 pax
PeriodAll year
TransportationMinibus or Bus
TeamLocal Tour Leader
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Day 1
Beirut arrival

Day 2
Beirut - Sidon - Tyre - Beirut

Day 3
Beirut visit

Day 4
Beirut - Bkerkeh - Qadisha - Ehden - Cedars

Day 5
Cedars - Enfe - Balamand - Tripoli

Day 6
Tripoli - Aakar - Bekaa - Baalbeck

Day 7
Baalbeck - Damascus

Day 8
Damascus - Seydnaya - Maaloula - Nebek - Homs

Day 9
Homs - Aleppo

Day 10
Aleppo - St Simeon - Aleppo

Day 11
Aleppo - Hama - Krak des Chevaliers - Mashta El Helu

Day 12
Mashta El Helu - Byblos - Beirut

Day 13
Beirut departure

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