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Biking in Syria
The Syrian landscape is like created to discover it biking. The green coastal plains and soft hills are in sharp contrast with the desert landscapes of eastern Syria. All along the tour, we will pass through small villages, and new things and small treasures are to be discovered everywhere. Of course the grand archaeological sites of Palmyra, Krak des Chevaliers, Apamea and St Simeon are also visited. And in the 2 biggest cities of the country, the capital Damascus and Aleppo, we take time to wander around, talk to the Syrians and visit the cities' highlights by bike and on foot.
Duration9 Days / 8 Nights
Group6 - 14 pax
PeriodAll year
Transportationlocal bike hire, transfers by bus
TeamLocal Tour Leader
  • Hotels
  • Camp
- daily biking around 40-45 km, with soft hills as the country is quite flat - group is accompanied by a specialized tour leader - daily pause: dried fruits & energy snacks - road bikes (with front suspension and Shimanu gear) are supplied locally
Day 1
Damascus arrival

Day 2
Damascus - Mar Moussa - Palmyra

Day 3
Palmyra - Euphrates

Day 4
Euphrates - Jaabar - Aleppo

Day 5
Aleppo - St Simeon - Aleppo visit

Day 6
Aleppo - Apamea - Hama

Day 7
Hama - Masyaf - Krak des Chevaliers - Damascus

Day 8
Damascus visit

Day 9
Damascus departure

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