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Syria Adventure
Syria’s position at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe has made it a bastion of civilization. It has been home to many great empires and a link on the trade-routes from the Indian Ocean to the Nile; Ugarit has developed the first alphabet in the world, Palmyra defies the tug of time, Damascus and Aleppo are believed to be the oldest cities still inhabited in the world. With authentic Middle Eastern culture, Syrians are pleasantly helpful and hospitable, always inviting us for new stories around a cup of tea & adventure. This trip brings you to usual and unusual places; camping at the Euphrates River, walking from the site of Apamea to the village; walking in the beautiful area of the Krak des Chevaliers and staying at the convent of Mar Moussa, high on top of a hill dominating the Syrian steppe; discovering Damascus walking and wandering in the souks of Aleppo,… Walking in the cities and discovering the beautiful country side of Syria; chatting to the Syrians… the variety of Syria will touch you and make your Syrian adventure unforgettable.
Duration9 Days / 8 Nights
Group4 - 16 pax
PeriodAll year
TeamLocal Tour Leader
  • Hotels
  • Monastery
  • Camp
Day 1
Damascus arrival

Day 2
Damascus visit

Day 3
Damascus - Palmyra

Day 4
Palmyra - Rassafeh - Euphrates

Day 5
Euphrates - Aleppo

Day 6
Aleppo - St Simeon - Dead Cities - Apamea - Hama

Day 7
Hama - Krak des Chevaliers - Mar Moussa

Day 8
Mar Moussa - Maaloula - Bosra - Damascus

Day 9
Damascus departure

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