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Tour Operators Initiative
Sustainable Tourism
TLB has proven that responsible tourism can significantly benefit local communities.
We believe that tourists can contribute to preserving the natural environment and cultural diversity of the places they visit. Given that biodiversity is at the basis of sustainable development, TLB encourages responsible conduct of tourists during their trips to preserve destinations ecosystem.

Travelers are made aware of local concerns regarding conservation of natural areas, as well as endangered and threatened heritage. TLB has established national days and respects international days with events to raise awareness regarding biodiversity and heritage.

To participate in, and contribute to local development initiatives, TLB founded CIFA (Centre d’Insertion par la Formation et l’Activité), a non-profit organization .

Customer awareness
TLB travelers are informed regarding environmental conservation at the destinations by local tour guides who are aware of conservation issues.
Our team is active in launching  national activities to raise awareness among our customers and suppliers in the fields of biodiversity and rural heritage traditions

TLB Destinations packages are offered worldwide through booking agents; however our staff is local and thus has a personal knowledge and experience of their destinations and the local community.
We do our utmost to avoid any negative impact on the destinations and intend to serve initiatives, such as offering training in issues of responsible tourism to the local community.
Our partnerships ensure financial resources to initiatives, such as rural women’s cooperatives and we promote tours to support projects to avoid migration from rural regions.
Our impacts in sensitive areas are minimal as we tour in small groups.
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