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In just a few years, our small company was able to transform the perception of tourism in the Middle East by introducing a new concept - known today as sustainable tourism - proving that the daily operations of tourism can be responsible and fair in operation.

TLB Destinations is a small company of 16 employees which operates in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the Sultanate of Oman. Our staff is local and  multilingual (French, English, Arabic, German)

We have chosen an operational structure that is simple, flexible, and professional. TLB’s philosophy is to  reinvest profits into sustainable development projects. TLB invests seriously into training programs, as well as building on the loyalty of our team in the head office, and in the field with our tour leaders and tour guides.

TLB has initiated micro-credit options to enable team members to set up their own transport enterprises, thus creating long-lasting partnerships and a loyal work environment.
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